1. The Spirit of Gamba - Tobias Hume

  2. Biagio Marini - Sonata Octava - Venice 1629

  3. Ciaconna
    Romeo Ciuffa, Karel Smagge, Ernst Stolz

  4. Christmas Music for Lute and Melody Instrument
    Trond Bengtson & Ernst Stolz

  5. Bonjour mon coeur - Orlando di Lasso

  6. Il Lamento for two treble viols by Thomas Morley

  7. Divisions in G-Major by Christopher Simpson

  8. Virginal music from the Low Countries and England (pre-version)

  9. Canzona vigesimaterza Claudio Merulo (1533-1604)

  10. Frow, myn willen nym in güt - Buxheimer Orgelbuch - Instrumental

  11. Courante from the third book in a minor by Marin Marais

  12. Lamento di Tristano from the "London Manuscript" - tenor fiddel

  13. German Sonatas and Suites for Viola da Gamba

  14. Partie in d by Theodor Schwartzkopff for viola da gamba and B.C.

  15. Tre fontane - Istampitta - anonymous - London - Manuscript

  16. Canzon Terza a quattro (1608) by Giovanni Gabrieli

  17. Prélude en re mineur - Dubuisson

  18. Beccus an Hungarian Lord his Delight - Tobias Hume

  19. Biagio Marini - Sonata Nona for 2 basses and B.C. - Venice 1629

  20. Portative organ: Cantiga 1 Des oge mais

  21. La Sautillante - Marin Marais from suite in a-minor third book

  22. A Meditation by Tobias Hume

  23. Solo Recercada Quarta by Diego Ortiz

  24. Johan Schenk - Prelude in d-minor

  25. The Frog Galliard - John Dowland - viol consort & organ

  26. Ballet by Michael Praetorius - viols and organ

  27. Variations sur un Sujet, Largo - Johan Snep - Sonata Terza

  28. Josquin des Prez - Fantasia à 3 - viol consort

  29. La Buisson by Antoine Foqueray

  30. Tobias Hume - Tom and Mistresse Fine - Viola da gamba solo

  31. Celeste Giglio - Fabritio Caroso - 1600

  32. Two Villancicos from the Cancionero de Upsala - Anonymous

  33. Virtutum Thronus Frangitur - Condutus - Medieval portative organ music

  34. Diferencias sobre el canto 'La Dama de Demanda' by Antonio Cabezón

  35. Almand - Benjamin Hely ("The Compleat Violist")

  36. A Pavine - Anonymous - virginal music

  37. J.B. de boismortier - Modérément for two bass-viols

  38. Allemande D Minor by Theodor Schwartzkopff - 1659-1732

  39. Mall Simmes - Anonymous from the Cambridge Consort Books c.1595

  40. Up and Downe & Howells delight - English Virginal Music

  41. Douce memoire set by Girolamo Dalla Casa

  42. Viola da Gamba Music an anthology

  43. J.P. Sweelinck Est-ce Mars

  44. Allemande & Courante -J.B. de Boismortier
    Ernst Stolz


Ernst Stolz - Viola da Gamba Den Haag, Netherlands

Ernst Stolz is a performer of early music on the Viola da Gamba, Violone and the Harpsichord. He is also a very dedicated music educator for very young children.
He studied many main instruments at the Royal Conservatory and the Conservatory of Utrecht in the Netherlands.
Although he started with keyboard instruments and is also a graduated pianist, he dedicates himself now to the Viola da Gamba.
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